Grant Application

The Saigh Foundation accepts grant requests on a quarterly basis. Organizations will hear if grant requests have been approved, declined or deferred for clarification approximately three months after submission. Grant requests must be submitted by the following dates to be considered for each grant cycle.

Submission Deadlines & Notification Dates*

Submit by January 15: for notification by the end of April
Submit by April 15: for notification by the end of July
Submit by July 15: for notification by the end of October
Submit by October 15: for notification by the end of January

* If any of these dates falls on a weekend or holiday, grant requests should be submitted on the first business day AFTER the date listed.  For example, if July 15th is on a Saturday, grant requests would be due on the next business date which would be Monday, July 17th.

Submit your proposal by mail (preferred) or fax to:
Elke Buckland, Executive Director or
Julie Hantman, Assistant Director
The Saigh Foundation
231 S. Bemiston Avenue, Suite 735
St. Louis, MO 63105
314-862-3055 (phone)
314-862-9288 (fax)

Download Application Files

Click the links below to download the application files. Save each of the files to your desktop and open them in Microsoft Word and Excel to add your information. Applicants are REQUIRED to use the provided narrative and budget templates. Please do not submit in a different format.

1. Missouri Common Grant Application with list of required attachments and narrative templates (.docx)

Download Grant Application

2. Organizational Budget Template (.xlsx)

Download Organizational and Project Budget Template

Visit the Gateway Center for Giving website to learn more about how this application was created and to access the User Guide, Frequently Asked Questions, and Glossary of terms.

Grant Follow-Up Report

Download Grant Follow-Up Report

Please note: this is NOT part of the grant application. This report is due nine months after receipt of the grant. Send your completed follow-up report to:

The Saigh Foundation
231 S. Bemiston Avenue, Suite 735
Clayton, MO 63105