Longing for Handshakes and Hugs…

Elke BucklandUncategorized

Pre-COVID19, The Saigh Foundation conducted in-person site visits – either at our office in Clayton or “on-site” at a particular organization – to learn more about programs focused on enhancing the lives of children in St. Louis.

These days, like everyone else, we are forced to adjust how we communicate with others and manage our business.  Who knew Zoom would be the lifeline to loved ones, colleagues, customers, and friends?  While virtual site visits are not our preference, it still allows us the opportunity to get to know the organizations and the people who strive every day to make the St. Louis metropolitan area a great community.

Three months and 81 virtual visits later we long for handshakes and hugs, face to face conversations (with no screen), and on-site visits.  We take comfort in knowing that “this too shall pass” even if the new normal will be elbow bumps and social distancing…we’re okay with this as long as everyone stays safe and well and most of all united.