Fred M. Saigh was a great champion of individual men and women as well as of major institutions in the St. Louis area. Throughout his life, Fred contributed generously to many prominent St. Louis institutions, but he also took an interest in assisting ordinary people — from struggling students, to elderly people in failing health, to kids who needed braces. Although Fred Saigh is best known as the owner of the St. Louis Cardinals, many of his friends and acquaintances will always remember him as a perceptive and caring benefactor — a “one-man charity fund,” in the words of sportswriter Mike Eisenbath.

This gallery pays tribute to Fred Saigh — philanthropist, community benefactor, hard worker, and caring friend. We hope these images are, in the words of a young lady who was helped by Fred’s generosity — a heart’s hall of fame.” Laurie wrote a poem celebrating Fred’s life; this is its final stanza:

We’ll never forget you, Mr. Saigh,
Thoughts of you will always remain,
Locked forever in our memories,
And our heart’s hall of fame.

Fred addresses members of the Cardinals at spring training camp in St. Petersburg, Florida, March 1, 1952.

Fred in Lugano

Fred watches the Cardinals at a spring training workout in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Fred and manager Eddie Dyer watch Cardinals go through first day drills at St. Petersburg.

Fred in Monte Carlo

In his first official act as owner of the St. Louis Cardinals, Fred signed left-handed pitcher Harry Breechen (r.) (aka “Harry the Cat”), to a 1949 contract. Manager Eddie Dyer is on the left.

Fred tests the rain with an outstretched hand before a game with the Brooklyn Dodgers in Sportsman’s Park in St. Louis. Cardinals’ manager Eddie Dyer is at right. The Dodgers took the three game series opener, 7-2.

Fred sitting on the dugout steps, March 1, 1953, as he watches the team practice during spring training.

Fred and JoAnn visit the leaning Tower of Pisa

Fred and Red Schoendienst