Julie Hantman Associate Director of The Saigh Foundation

Spring 2.0

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Every year, Spring greets us with hope and renewal.  This time last year, our community sheltered-in-place at a time when nature told us it was time to be out.  Birds were nesting and flowers blooming; Spring was on its way.  Yet, we felt forced into unnatural isolation, a continued hibernation to protect ourselves.

Our community quickly began to feel the pandemic’s effects through illness, remote learning, food insecurity, job changes, and loss.  So many of you pivoted and planted seeds with other organizations, growing new partnerships providing for those you serve.  Together you assisted with food, educational support, technical support, art, behavioral health, access to medical care, rent, etc.  You gave your constituencies hope beyond your missions.

This Spring is different from any before.  The pandemic has shown where the inequities lie.  It is time to take care of everyone.  The hope of vaccinations and treatments is happening.  There is also the curiosity for what a new normal could look like for us all.   As we look forward to Spring, let us remember to keep planting our seeds and continue to provide for each other.