Thank you from Elke & Julie


At nine months at the Saigh Foundation, we are reflecting on how much we have learned, laughed, and even cried as we stepped into very big shoes. We accepted our new positions with the excitement of a dream come true opportunity to represent the Foundation and Mr. Saigh’s vision to serve children in our community. Shortly thereafter, our excitement turned to sadness, with the sudden loss of JoAnn Hejna, a longtime mentor and friend to both of us. We found great comfort knowing her memory remains alive and well through the many stories and jokes shared with us as we visit organizations and the children they serve.

We have had a generous and warm welcome by our trustees. We knew our arrival might be the biggest change to the organization since its inception. Working with each of them has proven rewarding as we learn more about their dedication to the Foundation’s mission. Their support, faith, and guidance have been deeply appreciated. Retiring Associate Executive Director, Mary Kemp, became our steadfast and loving teacher to preserve the relationships and history so important to the Foundation. She left us late summer to begin a new chapter in life and join her family in Colorado.

Since June, we have had the privilege of meeting with 130…and counting organizations propelling their missions for children in our community. Our work has barely begun. We have been enlightened by experiencing the amazing work being accomplished by so many, along with the continuing needs for children throughout the metropolitan area. We are so appreciative of their time and the work they do. Thank you for welcoming us in our new roles at the Saigh Foundation.

Elke and Julie