Elke Buckland Executive Director of The Saigh Foundation


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As our kids return to school the ongoing controversy surrounding in-person versus virtual learning consumes families and the media.  Often times we become so passionate about a cause or issue at hand we lose sight of who is ultimately affected by the decisions we, as parents and community leaders, make.  In this case, it is our kids…the community’s most vulnerable population.

Twenty years ago Fred Saigh established The Saigh Foundation with the best interest of children in mind and heart.  Though Fred Saigh is no longer with us the trustees of the foundation continue to act on his behalf, creating and supporting opportunities that benefit kids, particularly in health and education.  To date, the foundation has awarded close to $50 Million dollars to initiatives aimed at providing a brighter future for the kids in the St. Louis Metropolitan area.

So while we continue to debate the “right way” – send our kids to school and hope there is no risk or task them to learn via computer/Zoom and hope there is no risk – I think that Fred would agree, there is no right or wrong answer just an opportunity for us to ensure that all kids learn, grow, THRIVE.