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Anything but “Business as usual…”

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As we head into April it is anything but “business as usual” for most of us as we continue to adhere to social distancing requirements.  These new precautionary measures, while necessary, make the work of many of our community not for profit organizations that much more difficult to execute.  Yet we SEE you forging on, continuing to fill the gaps … Read More

The Saigh Foundation Supports The Regional Response Fund Through The St. Louis Community Foundation

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As things develop, it is clear that our community must react quickly and efficiently to the  Covid-19 crisis. Quickly to offset the negative effects resulting from the spread of the virus and efficiently to make sure that all needs are met. Last week The Saigh Foundation elected to provide $100,000 to the Regional Response Fund through the St. Louis Community … Read More

St. Louis Arch skyline

Banding Together as a Community


For twenty years the Saigh Foundation has been introduced to and has built strong relationships with extraordinary organizations throughout the St. Louis region who are steadfast in improving the lives of the people and families throughout our community. Most recently, their collective response to the global Coronavirus crisis and it’s immediate impact in our region assures us that these organizations … Read More

Thank you from Elke & Julie


At nine months at the Saigh Foundation, we are reflecting on how much we have learned, laughed, and even cried as we stepped into very big shoes. We accepted our new positions with the excitement of a dream come true opportunity to represent the Foundation and Mr. Saigh’s vision to serve children in our community. Shortly thereafter, our excitement turned … Read More

Mary Kemp (left) and JoAnn Hejna (right)from The Saigh Foundation

A Note from Mary


Sixteen years ago, when I joined The Saigh Foundation, JoAnn Hejna took me under her wing and introduced me to the world of philanthropy. She included me in all aspects of the work of the foundation and we became a team. JoAnn was my mentor and my friend. We shared the belief that everyone who walked into our office should … Read More

Fred Saigh sitting at his desk

Reinforcing his decision


No one realized Fred had a cleanliness fetish and did not want anything messy to touch him. He liked being a lawyer, but for a long time he considered going back to school and becoming a doctor, too. That lasted only until he was standing on the street talking to a friend when a very pregnant woman in a parked … Read More

Mistaken identity


Whenever Fred went to New York he was mistaken for the actor, George Raft. Raft always played the role of a mean, tough, scowling guy, which was just the opposite of Fred. One day he asked me if I thought there was any resemblance to Raft so I told him they had no features alike. I think that was the … Read More

The show must go on


I have always had a fear of birds and this story did not help. Fred liked to give money to programs for very young children. He asked me to meet with six women at a local school who needed money for a dancing program. When I arrived at the school the women were standing out in front to welcome me. … Read More

Fred’s inspiring generosity


Fred and I had just finished a breakfast meeting at a local hotel, when a young woman ran in apologizing to everyone for being so late. She was supposed to park cars for the guests. She explained that she was a single mother of three, had just dropped them off at school, and now her car had broken down on … Read More

JoAnn’s first day


On March 2, 1956, Fred interviewed me for the position as his assistant. I was so relieved when he said I had the job and would start on Monday, March 5th, which happened to be my 24th birthday. I hoped he hadn’t noticed that I had been putting blonde dye on my brown hair for months, ran out of money to buy … Read More